Selected 2014

Steve Simon

  • Current company ginnybakes
  • Industry Food & Beverage

ginnybakes is a Miami-based company producing feel-good cookies, bake mixes, and health bars that have the added benefit of being organic and gluten-free. The ginnybakes team has leveraged close relationships with distributors in a fragmented and competitive market to sell its products in many locations.

Ginny wanted to make an impact on the health of her community and went back to school in 2008 and became a certified Holistic Nutritionist. Her husband, Steve, is a retired trial attorney with strong organizational and analytical skills. Their son Mike graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in chemical engineering.

Ginny realized there were no desserts with a combination of healthy ingredients and great taste. So, she developed a healthy bake mix under the brand “ginnybakes”. ginnybakes offers consumers outrageously delicious and healthy snacks baked with the highest quality ingredients.

Ginny, Steve, and Mike develop the recipes in-house and then package and prepare the cookies for distribution at ginnybakes’ facility. While its competitors may outsource at least one step of the production cycle, ginnybakes can maintain fresh cookies while achieving quadruple its current revenues with integrated production facilities. Ginny, Steve and Mike have been able to create a dynamic brand in a competitive health food space despite their limited F&B experiences.

ginnybakes is not only an inspiring story of a family business, but also a potential high-impact success story for Miami in the booming healthy foods market.

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