Diego Lowenstein

CEO & Board of Directors at Lionstone Development
Among his many roles, Diego oversees the asset management structure for third party managed properties, supervises the self-managed gaming division and acts as Managing Partner with joint venture partners in existing operations held in partnership and in newly formed developments in the Lionstone Development Group. He is responsible for directing activities including deal structuring, financial feasibility analysis, financing, hospitality chain and management firm negotiations, sales and marketing, bidding and construction.
Diego’s active involvement and know-how in acquiring, developing, revitalizing and repositioning hotels and casinos throughout Florida and the Caribbean has helped lead the entrepreneurial firm to new heights. His knowledge in multinational operations and marketing has supported Lionstone’s further expansion into luxury residential real estate and mixed-use hotel developments.
Diego has also held Executive Positions at family businesses in Argentina, including real estate holdings and development firm, food service & restaurant, operating and franchising ventures.
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