Once Endeavor, Always Endeavor

Endeavor is able to fulfill its mission and live up to its promise thanks to the support and dedication of our Board Members. They champion our cause, drive our growth and guide our entrepreneurs. We are immensely grateful for the time that Laura Maydón and Anabel Perez donated to our organization during their time as Board Members. 

Laura founded Endeavor Miami in 2013 and after six years joined the Board of Directors to ensure the organization’s smooth transition into new leadership. Her impact and legacy will remain for years to come. In 2018, Anabel Perez became the first Endeavor Entrepreneur to join our board of directors. Her insight as an Endeavor Entrepreneur proved invaluable to ensure the quality of our services and selection.

Anabel will continue being a part of the Endeavor family as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Laura will continue to provide her time and expertise as an Endeavor Mentor. 

Endeavor Miami is what it is today thanks in large part to the dedication of these two women. Laura and Anabel, thank you.

Endeavor Miami Board of Directors 2019

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