Endeavor Miami Launches Cohort Two of its ScaleUp Accelerator Program

Endeavor Miami has announced a call for applications for Cohort Two of their ScaleUp Program, a four-month acceleration program designed to support startups with high-impact potential in the Miami ecosystem to scale. The program is a staple of other Endeavor offices around the world, it is built to help early stage businesses be prepared for organized growth while plugging them into the Miami entrepreneurial ecosystem and building a founder-centric community to share the entrepreneurial  journey with. 

“Last year we saw an opportunity to expand the scope of Endeavor Miami and provide support to earlier stage businesses in South Florida. With our Cohort One, we learned that the challenge is bigger than expected – 99% of startups in Miami die before reaching 5 years of operation, even though scaleups, companies at least three years old with a minimum of 20% CAGR, are the ones that generate 80% of the jobs in the market. With this context in mind, the ScaleUp Program is strategically built to take companies from startup to scaleup stage,” says Claudia Durán, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami. 

Amidst other accelerators in the ecosystem, Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is uniquely positioned to help startups experience an organized scale due to:

  • Endeavor Methodology: Endeavor’s unique methodology places focus on scale and mentorship at the center of all discussions.
  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Endeavor Miami believes that entrepreneurs learn the most from each other, therefore sessions are built to promote honest conversation and knowledge exchange.
  • Multiplier Effect: Endeavor Miami helps companies become part of the Miami entrepreneurial ecosystem by making key connections and introductions. 
  • No Equity: Unlike other accelerator programs in the market, Endeavor Miami does not take equity.

When looking at the core of the program, Cohort Two builds on the success of last year’s pilot cohort (Cohort One), which received a 9.3 NPS, by emphasizing the importance of founder exchanges as a key element to business growth and community building, as well as leveraging a global platform like Endeavor’s to make game-changing connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to select their own godfather mentors and to build an actionable Road Map to execute during the program. Finally, like last year, participants will get to pitch their companies at Endeavor Miami’s annual ScaleUp Summit on September 25th, 2020.

“We are very excited about Cohort Two of ScaleUp Program. We learned a lot from our pilot and have spent significant time incorporating it all into the planning of Cohort Two to make it an incredible and meaningful experience to the participating entrepreneurs. We are very happy with what we have in store,” said Rebecca Negro Rocha, ScaleUp Program Lead.

Applications for Cohort Two are open until April 3rd. Endeavor Miami is looking for entrepreneurs leading business from any industry making one million to 3 million dollars ARR to apply. The business must have at least two full-time employees, beyond the founders. Female and minority entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to apply.


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