Endeavor Miami releases 2018-2019 Impact Report

View the digital impact report by clicking HERE and learn more about the ways in which high-impact entrepreneurship is transforming South Florida.

Endeavor is an organization for, by and of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to catalyze economic growth globally, and we believe that an entrepreneur-led economic development is crucial in order to achieve this. That is why Endeavor Miami focuses on selecting, supporting and accelerating the growth of our region’s best high-impact entrepreneurs. With distinct backgrounds and experiences, Endeavor Miami mirrors our city’s diverse nature. These entrepreneurs have committed to supporting the development of the local Miami entrepreneurial community, while scaling their companies to have a global impact.

After six years in South Florida, we are proud to support the growth of 21 scalable companies led by 37 entrepreneurs. This year, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are expected to generate over $250 million dollars in revenue and create close to 3,000 jobs.

This impact would not have been possible without the unconditional support of our founding Co-Chairs, Adriana Cisneros and Daniel Echavarría, as well as the dedication of Laura Maydón, Endeavor Miami’s founding Managing Director. 

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are a powerful economic catalyst, but they take time to develop and grow. It is thanks to the support of our esteemed board members, mentors, sponsors and strategic partners that we are able to fulfill our mission and strengthen our impact to ensure that anyone with the dream and drive to scale their business can do so. 

We know Endeavor Miami is well-positioned to continue transforming South Florida into a global economic hub and we look forward to achieving this together with you.


Claudia Durán (Managing Director), Andres Moreno Ernest Bachrach (co-chairs)

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