Selected 2015

Anton Diego

  • Current company EveryMundo
  • Industry Marketing

Anton Diego

Anton Diego, CEO of EveryMundo, is responsible for the vision, direction and growth of the company along with Seth Cassel. Anton has helped to successfully create and deploy EveryMundo’s proprietary enterprise software to over 50 airlines worldwide. These airlines leverage EveryMundo’s Fare Marketing portfolio of products to grow direct online revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs and track customer bookings and searches in real-time to further optimize customer acquisition.

Anton’s previous roles include Vice President of, an affiliate deals aggregation aggregator website, and structural engineer at global engineering firm WJE. He received his BS in Structural and Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.


EveryMundo provides airlines with Fare Marketing technology for direct channel growth and customer acquisition. We work with over 50 airlines worldwide ranging from major full-service carriers to LCCs, based in 60 countries and marketing in over 25 languages. Our products increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the airline’s website.

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