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Brian Brackeen

  • Industry Artificial Intelligence

Brian Brackeen

Brian Brackeen is a General Partner at Lightship Capital, the Cincinnati-based firm investing in the most remarkable innovators and ecosystems across the nation with a focus on CPG, E-Commerce, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthtech.

Brian is a thought leader in the Artificial Intelligence space, having founded and led a globally recognized provider of face recognition technologies. His leadership saw the company positioned alongside tech giants like Microsoft and Face++ as one of the industry’s foremost providers, with operations in the US and Asia. Brian’s early acknowledgment of the dangers associated with algorithmic ethnic bias, stance against the government use of facial recognition, and commitment to eliminating racial bias in its datasets inspired the current movement toward organized regulation and oversight of the technology.

Prior to becoming a tech entrepreneur, Brian served as a Senior Project Manager for Apple Inc. and as Senior Managing Consultant at IBM.

In addition to his work at Lightship, Brian lectures extensively around the world on entrepreneurship, code, the digital economy, AI and machine learning — and participates in mentorship programs for organizations like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code and The School District of Miami, and is an advisor to the University of Chicago Science Commercialization Center.


Brian Brackeen founded Kairos in 2012 to remove the complexity of building and using facial recognition software, enabling businesses and governments to detect faces, recognize people, and analyze behaviors on security cameras and mobile, web, and desktop applications with 99% accuracy.

Kairos provided enterprises and government clients with an affordable facial recognition Application Programming Interface to securely, accurately, and quickly recognize individuals. There is no expensive hardware or infrastructure needed, and the 3D model enables the software to recognize people regardless of the camera angle or photo composition.

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