Selected 2017

Johnny Bosche

  • Current company Chargello
  • Industry Retail

Johnny Bosche

Johnny Bosche is originally from Nicaragua and currently lives in Miami. He is a serial entrepreneur ranging from ad-tech to telecom. He is now the CEO of Conecta, a technology company that drives innovation to bridge the gaps between people and their families, as well as companies and their customers. Previously Johnny co-founded Chargello, a mobile-device charging system now operating in 25 countries. He is also co-founding an NGO that builds technology platforms geared towards social impact. Johnny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Design and Management from Villanova University. He is an Endeavor Entrepreneur, founder of TEDxManagua, OpSmile Ambassador, as well as a fellow of the Central America Leadership Initiative and member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Johnny is passionate about the interdisciplinary romance between altruism and technology and fervently believes it is possible to change the world with an idea, and that there is no better execution than one driven by human warmth.



Sometimes running out of battery is just not an option. Carrying power banks can be annoying, and finding an outlet in public places is nearly impossible. Frustrated by this, two young entrepreneurs created Chargello, a company focused on solving the low-battery problem in public places (restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.) via their proprietary portable batteries. These batteries not only charge phones but also serve as an innovative advertising platform. With print advertising on the surface of the batteries and embedded technology, Chargello delivers targeted content and redirects users to ads and apps, while tracking interaction data (views, clicks, conversions). Through various partnerships, users can call a car, leave a review for the venue, claim instant offers, or even pay the check right from the battery.

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