Selected 2019

Jorge Prado

  • Current company The Fastmind
  • Country Miami
  • Industry Data Marketing & Media

Jorge Prado

Jorge is a product-oriented lifelong entrepreneur who leverages from his knowledge of emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise and grow its business. 

His obsession with innovation and technology has taken him to be one of the founders of Fastmind, a marketing tool that helps large enterprises improve their digital ads’ conversion, changing the way brands like Samsung, McDonald’s, Hewlett-Packard, Puma, Marriott, Microsoft, and many others distribute digital content and products with their personalized landing pages. 

With a diverse background working for a construction business, then as a technology evangelist at a booming telecom startup, passing to create one of the largest mobile games in the world, Wordie, the proud dad of three girls and one boy, has spoken at many of the world’s most significant events including Mobile World Congress, Game Developer Conference, eMerge Americas, Mobile Growth summit, Festival of Media, Miami Dade College, and in the Wyncode Academy among others.



An innovative development company for the digital world. Fastmind combines creative thinking, visual design, and development to deliver a great marketing saas to the market.

Fastmind launched as a gaming platform a few years ago, successfully gaining over 20 million users in its first two years. Now they are large enterprises improve their digital ad conversion up to 3X by allowing them to create, in just a few minutes, a customized landing page with clear calls to actions.


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