Nicolas Gonzalez Luna

  • Current company Wonder Brands
  • Industry Consumer Sevices

Nicolas Gonzalez Luna

Nicolás developed his entire career in the private equity and M&A industry in financial institutions, particularly focused on investment analysis and monitoring of companies. Most recently, he was Chief Investment Officer of NCA, a Swiss-based family office consortium that invests in Search Funds.
Nicolás has also worked for a Family Office based in Argentina and was previously part of Oaktree Capital’s European Private Equity team, deploying more than USD 1 billion of capital in 9 investments. He started his M&A career at Goldman Sachs and Citi. He has experience as a director of different companies in Europe and Latin America.

Wonder Brands

We empower companies and promote their growth. We are the ideal partner for digital sales brands. We are Latino experts and investors who understand the opportunities and challenges of our market better than anyone.

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