Selected 2015

Silvina Moschini

  • Current company Yandiki
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

An award winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker and author, Silvina Moschini has established herself as one of the foremost experts on the digital economy and how the fourth industrial revolution is transforming the global workforce, empowering women and accelerating government reform across the world. She is a LinkedIn Influencer, comprising a list of 500+ worldwide leaders, thinkers and innovators.

She is the founder of an ecosystem of companies harnessing the cloud to connect businesses and on-demand talent including TransparentBusiness, a remote workforce management platform that is driving transparency in public and private procurement to eliminate fraud and the loss of taxpayers money as well as SheWorks!, an innovative platform that leverages technology to close the gender gap.

Silvina is Endeavor entrepreneur. She is a regular contributor to CNN en Español, the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog and her expertise is sought after by national and international media including CNBC, CCTV and Forbes.

In 2019, Silvina received the Equals In Tech Award in the leadership category, the global initiative by the United Nations, ITU & GSMA that gathers leading companies to distinguish the most innovative projects with global impact focused on bridging the unemployment gender gap through technology.


Yandiki is a Miami-based company that is leveraging the power of the cloud to connect enterprises with on-demand talent. The platform offers access to talent from around the world in addition to workforce monitoring and collaboration tools, facilitating fluidity across internal talent channels (full-time, freelance, contract). For enterprises, Yandiki’s cloud-based platform improves the quality, reduces the time, and enhances the experience of sourcing, managing and collaborating with creative freelancers (designers, writers designers, writers, editors, copywriters, translators, web developers). For freelancers, Yandiki’s platform provides access to flexible employment opportunities at competitive pay.

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