Meet Our Mentors: Gabriela Pulido


Meet Gabriela Pulido, Founding Partner and President of Scalto a creative Consultancy enabling companies to Scale Alto. She joined the Endeavor network at the beginning of the year as an Endeavor Mentor.

Gabriela Pulido, Endeavor Mentor

What has been the proudest moment of your career thus far?

By far, my family is what I am most proud of. They have unconditionally supported me in my entrepreneurial journey, to which I am very grateful.

One very proud moment of my career was when I decided to step-up into the entrepreneurial world, a sudden move way back in 2004, when Futurebrand decided to close shop in Venezuela and we were in the midst of launching two emblematic brands: Alimentos Polar and Plumrose. We went ahead with the successful launches and cofounded my first company, with an amazing team.

What is something you are currently working on that you are proud of?

The launching of Scalto, pivoting from branding to creative consultancy to scale, at the onset of this pandemic: March 30th, 2020. Currently on my top priority and proud to have made the move.

For more than 20 years we have been working side by side with companies throughout the region, contributing to important changes in the business and brand landscape, with a team that is always to withstand the most difficult challenges, only to give the best. We then discovered the need to transform ourselves, create Scalto, with the beyond resilience mindset, the right talent, new technologies, and a strong purpose:

We believe that there is never a scaling challenge too big to solve, creatively!

So, with the teams in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Miami we are embracing scaling Alto!

What is one advice you always like to share with entrepreneurs?


Understand what you are trying to solve for and frame the problem right. From there clarify your purpose, that is the backbone of any successful business model and branding and communications effort.

Some highlights of purpose-driven solutions come to mind. For Insigneo Financial Group, previously Hencorp, we created a disruptive brand to catalyze prosperity with a new way of investing. Shelton Academy, completely transformed its positioning, rebranding to where exploration, curiosity & discovery inspire lifelong learning, allowing a better world to come from within. Determined to make a positive impact on the environment, we created Nexwell Group, focused on reducing the carbon footprint.

Focusing on shifting demand needs, we repositioned IDB’s Federal Credit Union, IDB Global, to become all client-centric with its new brand. Many examples, more than 100 brands engagements, where it all starts with a Why.

What is the most common challenge you see the entrepreneurs facing?

Trying to do too many things at once and focusing on the product as opposed to the client and the problem you are solving for them. Once the purpose is clear, you can market your product or service, sell it and deliver upon promise and wow your client.

Why did you decide to get involved with Endeavor?

Endeavor, as a global network for entrepreneurs, is the right platform for me to make a difference and give back, effectively. The level of engagement and experience here opens the window to contribute to the entrepreneurs’ success, hence growing the ecosystem. Being a lifelong learner, so too, Endeavor is a platform where we can do good creatively and generate value.


About Scalto

Creative Consultancy enabling companies to Scale Alto

We believe in creating the right growth mindset, connecting the best talent, activating a powerful global network to find and apply smart solutions, setting your business to scale.

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