Meet our Mentors: Juan Pablo Jimenez

Meet Juan Pablo Jimenez, VP of Citrix Latin America! He is an international business executive with 20+ years of experience in technology working for companies like Citrix and Hewlett-Packard across Latin America. Juan Pablo has been an Endeavor Mentor for 4+ years, specializing in sales strategy and execution for B2B.

Juan Pablo Jimenez, Endeavor Mentor

We recently sat down with him to talk about his work and his relationship with Endeavor.

What has been your most memorable Endeavor experience? 

In reality is the whole experience of being a Mentor; Endeavor and the entrepreneurs have helped me to continue learning, challenging myself and keeping me connected with the latest and greatest business models. During my four years, and my various adventures, I have been given the chance to witness noteworthy levels of ingenuity, resilience and ability that have enabled me to address complex new challenges.  


What is something you are currently working on that you are proud of?

Right now it really is ‘my family’, because despite the current situation, and the difficult decisions it has forced us to make, the opportunity to spend 24 hours with them after having traveled most of my life has proven invaluable. I am especially happy because I have made lots of memories by participating in my son’s activities and my daughter’s experience with going to college during these challenging times. 


What is one advice you would like to share with entrepreneurs during this pandemic? 

This pandemic is changing our customers priorities and pushing us into using remote sales practices and digital tools. My advice is that just like you guys usually have a very structured and defined process to manage your products; the sales practice is a science that has a methodology that has to be re-looked; be aware of the change in your customers, your value proposition in this new reality, and definitely your customer engagement approach. 

It is worth to re-evaluate if the whole team has clear objectives, new metrics to monitor if we are on the right track- (number of calls?, Linked In nav?, virtual lunches?, lead generation, pipeline creation and acceleration, number of demos? Pilots?). In essence, is to think about how my company needs to evolve to address the fact that your  sales force is mostly remote and your customers are changing drastically.


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