ScaleUp Program

Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is a four-month acceleration program designed to support startups with high-impact potential in the Florida ecosystem to scale.

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Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is a four-month acceleration program designed to support leading early-stage companies with strong impact potential in the South Florida ecosystem to scale.

Scale-ups – companies at least three years old with a minimum of 20% CAGR – are important to the development of an economy because once they hit moderate scale or greater, they generate 80% of jobs in Miami. However, 99% of startups in Miami die before reaching 5 years of operation. Therefore, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between start-up to scale-up with the support that actually helps companies scale.

What differentiates us from other programs?

The Endeavor Miami ScaleUp Program leverages Endeavor’s over 20 years of knowledge and best-in-class services and tools used to support entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Focus on Scale: Endeavor is all about scale, and the program is no different. We touch on the multiple facets related to scaling a company, ensuring that entrepreneurs understand what it takes to build a sustainable foundation of scale.
  • Miami-based, Miami-scaled: Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is exclusively for companies based in South Florida, as we want to help write the story of our future local heroes.
  • Community of like-minded people: Be part of a group of top-notch entrepreneurs with whom you can share the entrepreneurial journey and its struggles with, develop meaningful relationships and together work towards building better, bigger and stronger businesses.
  • Practical methodology: Endeavor helps entrepreneurs focus their time and energy in finding the path towards the next level of growth through highly curated mentor matchings, meaningful exchanges with subject matter experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who have trailed the path before you. Endeavor’s methodology encourages you to dissect your challenges on a granular level to find tangible solutions.
  • We invest in you: Unlike other accelerator programs in the market, Endeavor Miami’s program is non-dilutive. We invest our time and resources in you so that you can, in turn, invest in yourself. Be supported by a team crazy about entrepreneurship who are there to look out for you, hold you accountable and cheer you on through challenges and successes alike.
  • The Journey Doesn’t End Here: In the Endeavor spirit of paying it forward, entrepreneurs continue being a part of the Endeavor family after the program is over. Benefits include access to a US network of entrepreneurs, eligibility for ad hoc services, workshops and opportunities created exclusively for the Endeavor family, and more.

What do entrepreneurs gain from this?

Founders are exposed to distinct perspectives and experiences related to the development of a business, pushing them to learn from others’ successes and losses and design their own growth strategies. Program participants also get to focus on a particular challenge area and identify potential solutions with the support of their chosen mentors. Finally, through curated and personal exchanges with fellow cohort members, founders get to create a new support system for their entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Clarity on Business Growth & Ambition: Mentors are assigned to you for the next 4 months to help achieve your short and long term goals.
  2. Equip Yourself as a Founder: Through workshops and mentorship, you will grow as a leader and entrepreneur.
  3. Learn Best Practices in Building Your Business: Gain access to Endeavor’s network of mentors & service partners who are business leaders in their respective fields.

The program includes the elements below and more:

  • Weekly group modules: Entrepreneurs take part in weekly, 4-hour group sessions in which they meet guest serial entrepreneurs and take part in peer-to-peer activities, learning from others’ challenges and successes.
  • 1-1 mentoring: Participants are matched with Endeavor Mentors with whom they meet throughout the program to work through their business challenges.
  • X-RAY & Cohort Retreat: Participants undergo activities such as a business XRAY and half-day retreat to promote curation of the program as well as community building with their peers.
  • Demo Day: Entrepreneurs pitch their companies to the Miami entrepreneurial community for exposure, connections and investment.
  • Access to Capital, Talent & PR: Endeavor facilitates personalized connections to funds, search for talent and brand exposure by leveraging its broad network in Miami and beyond.
  • Fundraising, Legal and Branding Office Hours: Entrepreneurs are paired up with investors, lawyers and storytellers in order to push companies forward in key strategic areas.
  • Digital Package & Endeavor Guide: Endeavor provides discounts to digital services and resources to South Florida founders looking to have a better foothold in the entrepreneurial community in Miami.

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*This site may not be up to date, for the latest information please click here.

Who can apply?

  • Entrepreneur must be a founder.
  • At least 2 full-time employees besides co-founders.
  • Company must be based in Florida.
  • Company must have product-market-fit
  • Company must be generating $800K – $2.5M in Annual Revenues.
  • All industries are welcome to apply as long as the solution is not service-based.

What more should I know?

Important Dates:
August 7th:  Applications Close
August 22nd: Acceptance Notification
August 30th: Launch Event
December 8th: Demo Day

$6000 per company (a 501(c)3 deductible donation)

*This site may not be up to date, for the latest information please click here.

Cohort One


CarBuckets: founded in 2017 in Miami, is a patent-pending automotive platform committed to bringing the joy back to car buying through transparency, convenience, and low group prices. By grouping car buyers into “Buckets”, based on city and car brand, CarBuckets leverages its large network of same-brand dealerships, by getting dealers to compete against each other to win the group and its business. The dealer with the lowest overall price wins. In return, CarBuckets users are saving, on average, 40% more than if they were shopping alone or using another car-buying website.

Caribshopper: an e-commerce marketplace that allows the Caribbean consumer to shop US retailers & Caribbean retailers all from one central app. They provide the complete online shopping experience giving access to the widest range of products & brands from retailers, the most local payment options—even cash, and deliver directly to their doorstep.

Caribu: an education platform that helps parents, extended family, and mentors read and draw with children when they’re not together. We’re “FaceTime meets Kindle”, for kids. The result is an engaging livestream shared-screen experience – in a carefully designed, curated, and secure platform. An in-app library contains hundreds of books, in seven languages, from leading children’s publishers, and many educational workbooks that you can draw on together in “real-time”!

EZLabz: a South Florida Health Tech Startup focused on providing on-demand home health care services. They are changing the way the everyday consumer has their blood work completed by sending nurses to their home or office to draw blood and collect urine samples.

Freedom Social Technology: is the ultimate tool for the political world. Founded by YPO/Harvard Ricardo De La Blanca in 2017, Freedom Social Technology’s mission is that of providing political parties, leaders and their followers with a tailored mobile-app and honest social media experience to create and manage political networks. Today, this platform is being used by more than 20 political parties worldwide and counts with the support of the main pro-democratic institutions such as, IDU (International Democrat Union), WFD (Westminster Foundation for Democracy) in London, IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) and, UPLA (Unión de Partidos Latinoamericanos) and is in the process of being implemented by several political parties around the world.

Globalshopex: provides an easy-to-integrate international checkout and logistics solution for SMB to sell to more than 200 countries. Globalshopex calculates taxes and duties, optimize shipping rates among multiple carries and by consolidating, charge in local currency and provides local payment options. Then, Globalshopex enables US merchants to convert more international orders without the risk of fraud and without taking responsibility on the orders, logistics, returns and customer support.

Innovation SM: a premier operator of Florida senior living communities whose leadership has over 125 combined years of experience nationwide. They have expertise in affordable and middle market properties. Innovation Senior Management offers a full suite of property management services for acquisitions and new construction properties.

Playbycourt: an integrated POS and management platform for the tennis industry that allows professionals to handle all aspects of their operation under one single solution. Their cloud-based software and payments platform is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of the tennis industry. They help partners simplify their day to day operations, increase court usage, enhance transparency, and attract new clients by focusing on delivering a customer first experience.

SECBERUS: creates cloud security technology to help organizations stay secure & compliant in the public cloud. The company provides Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) through its flagship product, CUMULUS CYBER-IQ. Security leads can now manage multi-cloud misconfiguration risk with real-time risk visibility, intelligent remediation plans, and custom security & compliance reporting. Security teams can continuously identify and remediate cloud infrastructure risks across public cloud accounts.


Cohort Two


Axela Technologies automates and improves the servicing and collections process for various real
estate-backed receivables. By providing innovative collections solutions, Axela strives to maximize recovery for its clients, while helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. The company also assists homeowners recover any surplus funds that may be available to them after a foreclosure occurs. Axela’s success and scalability rests on its proprietary platform that streamlines and automates its various business functions.


BeMeals is a South Florida-Based Company providing workplaces with state-of-the-art Smart Freezers stocked with all-natural, preservative-free meals. Its mission is to transform and revolutionize the way the world eats while working, offering healthy and convenient options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts. With a team of; a James Beard award-winning Chef, certified nutritionists and innovative techies, BeMeals serves world-renowned companies. BeMeals’ customers access their office’s Smart Freezer through the BeMeals app, unlocking nutritious and delicious meals in 3 minutes or less, available 24/7. BeMeals is constantly innovating, making it easier and faster for workers to get the nutrition they need to get the job done.


BetablocksImplementing enterprise blockchain is complex, lengthy (5-6 months) and expensive ($100ks). Most of the available technologies and blockchain engineers focus on public blockchains (crypto), rather than enterprise permissioned or hybrid blockchains. Betablocks is a Miami-based technology company customizing, building & deploying blockchain networks for enterprises. Betablocks is currently developing Chambray, our first Blockchain as a Service product. Chambray is a web-based, cloud-agnostic, and turnkey solution to customize, build, deploy & manage hybrid blockchain networks. Chambray helps companies reduce blockchain implementation time from 3-6 months to less than 1 week. Our goal is for the product to outperform existing blockchain solutions and add tooling currently not offered in the market.


Blackdove is a subscription-based video art platform offering access to a global collection of artwork for residential and commercial settings. Transforming your environment with stunning moving image artwork is as simple as downloading the Blackdove app and pairing it with your television. Join the digital art revolution at or download our mobile app for iOS or Android.


CargobotOffering a frictionless relationship between shippers and carriers, Cargobot delivers a higher level of transparency, visibility, and efficiency to disrupt and transform the “broker” figure in the inland freight industry.

Through the use of technology, Cargobot combines a free freight-matching platform, desktop and mobile Apps, with personalized customer support, and strategic partners that enable shippers and carriers to go direct. 

Cargobot, founded in 2016, in Miami, FL, has stayed true to its origin where it continues to host its headquarters. Nonetheless, it has grown to establish offices in Colombia and Spain, including a market footprint in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Company Combo was founded in 2015, it helps small and medium entrepreneurs from outside the USA to start and grow an ecommerce or technology company without having to make high investments in infra-structure and counting on a team of qualified professionals to help them run their operations while living abroad. Using our warehouse, fulfillment, accounting and tax, over 850 entrepreneurs from 23 different countries are able to enjoy the global market through their US operation.


Duradry is a DTC brand that offers solutions for people who suffer from excessive sweating. The company has been in business for almost 4 years and has been consistently growing 3X+ YoY. Duradry has helped thousands of customers – you can read hundreds of reviews on their site or watch hundreds of video testimonials of its raving fans on IG (@duradry). 


Nickelyticsa Techstars-backed company, delivers omnichannel ad campaigns by combining out of home advertising with online retargeting. We do this by integrating advertising campaigns with our micro-mobility and ride-sharing partners, track consumers exposed to the ad with our proprietary technology, and digitally retarget those consumers online. Simply put, we help advertisers connect offline exposure to online engagement.

Xennial Digital is a tech company focused on building enterprise-level solutions, content and platforms using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. XD aims to address a new generation of immersive learning and training needs for educational and commercial organizations.