ScaleUp Program

Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is a cohort-based five-month program for companies with a market-tested business model seeking to scale their businesses faster.

Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program is a cohort-based five-month program for companies with a market-tested business model seeking to scale their businesses faster. The ScaleUp Program supports leading early-stage companies with strong impact potential in the South Florida ecosystem.

The ScaleUp Program will reflect the three pillars that Endeavor is based on:

  • Access to Capital: covers topics ranging from fundraising to accounting.
  • Access to Markets: covers expansion, growth, scaling, and strategy.
  • Access to Talent: covers culture, corporate governance, organizational structure and everything between talent attraction to leadership development.

Business diagnostics and monitoring by a dedicated Endeavor mentor

By means of an internal methodology and the support of the Endeavor network, we identify the largest challenges for the growth of each business and select the ideal mentor, who will track the company’s progress during the program. The dedicated mentor will also help the participant improve their business pitch with regular practice and feedback.

Monthly workshops and webinars

We support participants through workshops led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs ahead of the fastest growing companies in Miami, and webinars with industry experts who can give crucial advice on common pains of the entrepreneurial journey. Both workshops and webinars will cover themes relevant across participants, focusing on the key challenges identified by the business diagnostics.

Regular content engagement via online modules

In partnership with Flitepath, participants will have access to additional and exclusive content that will complement the workshops and webinars and keep them engaged during off-days in the program.

Access to the Endeavor network through gatherings and events

Through all activities, we will facilitate direct connections and introductions to participants and speakers alike. In addition, entrepreneurs have access to Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Summit, the largest founder-centric event in Miami, and to workshop events organized by our partners, Ernst & Young and Facebook.

Demo Day at the ScaleUp Summit

Participants will get to pitch at the Scale Up Summit, presenting their business to Endeavor Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other players in the Miami ecosystem.

Community of entrepreneurs who help each other grow

At the end of the day, we hope to create an exclusive community of entrepreneurs with potential to become the biggest cases of entrepreneurship in Miami, who will support each other during the ScaleUp journey.

Entrepreneur Profile – High Impact Entrepreneurs

We seek entrepreneurs – founders and/or CEOs – who dream big and who want to build a high-impact business. They are already at the front of a company and lead it with ethics, good management and professionalism. They know the protagonist role that an entrepreneur plays in society and because of that, want to become great examples in Miami and in the world. In addition, the entrepreneur must have a clear interest in Endeavor and in joining the organization in the future.

Company Profile – Both Large and Small

We seek already-operating companies with high-growth potential, clear competitive advantages, a market-tested business model and proven traction. Companies that participate in the program are getting ready to scale and are capable and willing to put into practice the advice of mentors to grow more and faster. As benchmark, the businesses must be at about $500k in annual revenues and at least one full-time employee.

For Endeavor Miami’s support and volunteer network, participants agree to make a donation of $2,000 per company for the duration of the program for two main reasons:

  1. We are a non-profit organization. For this reason, the viability of our initiatives is associated to financial donations by entrepreneurs who participate in our programs, including the ScaleUp Program.
  2. The contribution is a tool that guarantees the entrepreneur’s engagement throughout the program.


Applications close on May 9th at 11:59PM EST.

You will be notified if you have moved on to interviews which will begin May 9th. Due to our short timeline and to facilitate scheduling, please keep your schedule as clear as possible. Interviews will be one-hour long, in-person at Endeavor’s office.

Decisions will be released on May 13th.

Any questions email: