Stepping Up in Times of Crisis; An Interview with Endeavor Entrepreneur Silvina Moschini

We spoke to Endeavor Entrepreneur Silvina Moschini to hear about how her company is supporting other entrepreneurs during COVID-19 pandemic with remote work platform access and webinars.

How is TransparentBusiness supporting entrepreneurs and companies during COVID-19? 

We are supporting Endeavor Entrepreneurs by offering free access to our software platform during COVID-19 (for 3 months) to support the continuity of their businesses. We know that for some companies managing a remote workforce is uncommon and that many entrepreneurs are struggling as they have suddenly been forced to abruptly send their employees to work-from-home without any processes, methodology, policies or remote workforce management traceability technology. We are trying to help guide companies through this process and have their day-to-day operations as organized and structured as possible.

Our technology allows us to address the three major issues companies face with remote work which are: trust, engagement, and accountability by enabling entrepreneurs and team leaders to have full visibility of the work process by monitoring work flow instead of monitoring the physical presence of their employees in an office.

It also ensures that teams can focus on getting the work that needs to be done, centralize all digital assets, access to collaboration tools while promoting greater productivity and leveraging all the benefits that remote work brings to the table. So, instead of companies viewing this situation as an emergency, they can transition their business model for distributed teams and accelerate their business growth to build exponential companies.

How does your platform TransparentBusiness and SheWorks! help manage remote teams?

TransparentBusiness is the software platform behind SheWorks!.

SheWorks! source global talented women and includes TransparentBusiness’ technology to make the management of global distributed and remote talent efficient.

TransparentBusiness helps manage remote teams by addressing the challenges related to remote workforce management by providing the technology that allows managers to have full visibility on the work that the team is doing, in real-time (screenshot-by-screenshot) by shifting the monitoring from the worker to the actual work process itself.

The platform includes collaboration tools, and also the integration of other technologies such as video conferencing, multi-person chats (similar to Slack), and a Smart Gannt chart functionality which makes it possible for employers to see how a project is evolving in real time, for example, if deadlines are missed, if the project is in overtime, or if there is overbilling, the information is directly pulled from the software without any manual inputs. It also has the capabilities to create various analytics such as, who is working on what, who plays more of an active role on the project, or if the project is staying on budget, etc.

TransparentBusiness works both for project oriented teams like consulting firms, or attorneys that charge per hour/project and also systematically organizes work done from functional areas of a business like Human Resources and Social Media Marketers.

Our platform gives full visibility and is highly adaptable for all companies to break down how much money and time is spent on each individual task or workflow application they decide to use.

What are the challenges that companies could be facing during times like this and how can your platform offer support? 

The massive and abrupt deployment of work-from-home programs can be a complete nightmare as effective work from home requires methodology, policies, great communications layouts and interactions, to make working remotely effective.

One initiative to help companies better manage remote teams is CloudWorkingAcademy. We are doing a 3-day accelerator training in collaboration with the InterAmerican Development Bank and we are launching a full blown Academy to help companies and their team leaders learn best practices, tools and methodologies to manage remote teams, from building remote-first organizations to transitioning to work-from-home programs and blended teams.

Another initiative is our Consulting Practice, leveraging from our partners in Digital Transformation including Telefonica, and Everis as well as smaller organizations that we are training to help companies of all sizes transition to distributed teams and fully benefit from the opportunity that remote work offers.

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Silvina Moschini, Founder
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