Stepping Up in Times of Crisis; An Interview with Endeavor Entrepreneur Carlos Ramirez


We spoke with Endeavor Entrepreneur Carlos Ramirez, founder and CEO of Powerful Foods, to learn more about how he has been supporting the local community by donating some of the products to food banks and healthcare providers as well as supporting first responders.

How is Powerful supporting the local/global community during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Powerful Foods has found creative and varied ways to help the local and global community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has a long-standing commitment to collaborate in a socially and effective way to bring to public high-protein and healthy products during this severe crisis. In response to this challenging situation, we want to serve, nourish, and help vulnerable populations within the community. Indeed, Powerful Foods has been donating protein drinks, oatmeal, and overnight oats to food banks and healthcare providers. Powerful Foods is also supporting first responders and all of the heroes of the Miami health system by providing them high protein products that can help them stay healthy during these days. We offer them a unique discount code on our website to give them back with healthy and nutritious protein products to stock up during this pandemic crisis.

How many people are benefited by the donations? Where are the donations distributed?

We joined forces with ‘Health in The Hoods’ to provide every month approximately 400 meals to homeless in shelters, seniors, and disabled adults and their families. Our donations serve 250 individuals, families and displaced students. Together, we’ll carve a new path and come out the other side more Powerful.


How can the community support Powerful?

Part of the sales from our 15% off promotion on our website will be donated to food banks in order to support the community continuously. We also want to show our appreciation to all our consumers who have been our supporters and fiercest advocates as well as to every person who is looking for nutritious, high protein, and all-natural products to stock up during these days.

Update as of May 15th

Powerful Foods has been supporting and honoring all first responders during the month of April and May. Specially during the National Nurse week, May 6th until May 12th. For every purchase made on Powerful Foods website ( the company donated one to a local hospital. Powerful Foods donated their high protein drinks to two units of the Jackson Memorial Hospital and also donated first care packages to:
   – Boston EMS – South Boston station
– Boston EMS – Charlestown station
– Boston Police – West Broadway
– Massachusetts State Police – South Boston
   – Miami Beach Police Station
These care packages included Powerful High Protein Drinks, Oatmeals and Overnight Oats as well as a personalized card with thank you note and a 20% discount on our website for all first responders to use during these difficult times.

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