Stepping Up in Times of Crisis; An Interview with Endeavor Entrepreneur Eddy Prado

We spoke to Endeavor Entrepreneur Eddy Prado, founder and CPO of Fastmind to learn about their initiative offering their platform for free to help small and medium size businesses, as well as non-profit organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.


How is Fastmind supporting entrepreneurs/companies/small and medium size businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are offering the Fastmind platform for free to all organizations fighting this pandemic and affected Local Small and Medium Business. Our hope is that this helps them to move forward during this difficult time.

The Fastmind platform will help these organizations and businesses get, in just a few minutes, all of their services online. They can create highly optimized landing pages with a clear call to actions, to offer or promote all their services, products, or digital content; they can also share it through a link in Social Media, Emails, or Digital Campaigns. (View example below)

Tell us about the problem you are addressing?

Most of these local SMB revenues were coming from foot traffic (80% on average), and most of them lack the digital infrastructure to handle their services most efficiently. Most of the founders, owners, or managers are very good at their business, but they are not tech-savvy.

There are also other organizations that might not depend on the revenues generated by sales, or that don’t have a robust platform to offer information or services. Still, they offer other essential services to communities.

I will say the current situation in addition to some of the things mentioned before has resulted in:

  • A massive layoff of employees with all its consequences.
  • Downtime on offering online full services.
  • Loss of short-term potential incomes.
  • Inability to track their online business and campaign effectiveness.

What are the benefits of using the platform?

Besides giving the option to businesses to create a landing page that offers, in a very clear way, all their services, products, and content; it will also help them to increase their campaign conversions by at least 3X.

It will reveal media inefficiencies that later will help them optimize their paid campaigns and generate more revenue for their investment. Last but not least, it will allow communities to keep enjoying their services and products while maintaining social distance and staying home.

Can companies outside South Florida use the platform?

Yes, anyone can sign up for an account and take advantage of all the platform features. We started this initiative mainly to help small and midsize businesses, or any non-profit organization by approving the use of the platform 100% free.


Some examples below of South Florida businesses that have already put in use our initiative:

My Ceviche: &

St Katerine Drexel Church:

Sano Food: &

Coronavirus General Information:

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