Stepping Up in Times of Crisis; An Interview with Endeavor Entrepreneurs Emiliano Abramzon and Felipe Sommer

We spoke with Endeavor Entrepreneurs Emiliano Abramzon and Felipe Sommer, co-founders of Nearpod, to learn more about how they are offering free school-wide access to its platform. For students, across the world, to continue their learning while they are unable to attend in-person classes.

How is Nearpod supporting the local and global community during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As schools across the country and around the world are facing unprecedented challenges, Nearpod has extended free access to the Flocabulary and Nearpod platforms for schools impacted by closures. 

For each of our products, we’ve launched a landing page, where educators and administrators can sign up to get free access, in addition to accessing a wide variety of other resources. 

Some resources that we’re providing during this time include: 

  • Multiple, live daily webinars: including those specifically focused on helping educators adjust to school closures
  • Parent resources for Nearpod and Flocabulary to assist parents on accessing Nearpod at home (with Spanish and English Guides Available)

How many new schools/students/teachers have joined Nearpod since you opened the platform for COVID-19 support?

We’ve provided access to thousands of schools facing closures globally because of COVID-19, and the number increases daily. Our entire company is engaged to support educators and students impacted by this pandemic, and we’re honored to be doing this important work. 

How can the community support Nearpod?

Our primary focus is to support as many educators and students as possible with helpful resources at this time. If you know of anyone that can benefit from our resources, please share our landing pages with them: 

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