Stepping Up in Times of Crisis; An Interview with Endeavor Entrepreneurs Seth Cassel and Anton Diego

We spoke with Endeavor Entrepreneurs Seth Cassel and Anton Diego, co-founders of EveryMundo to learn about how they are supporting the recovery of an industry that has been highly affected by the crisis. They just launched a series of Playbooks to help the airline industry once they start adding flights back.

How is EveryMundo supporting the local/global community during or after the pandemic?

EveryMundo has publicly released to its airline customers and the airline industry at large a series of Restart and Re-Acquire Playbooks: comprehensive passenger acquisition (and re-acquisition) strategies and tactics for airlines to execute as soon as they return the first seat capacity back into the sky. The Playbooks include strategies to predict demand without historical data, techniques to drive “load factor” (percent capacity sold) as routes reopen, and tools to reacquire loyal customers. The Playbooks aim to help the airline industry recover with Fare Marketing capabilities.

What problem are you helping address?
In the near future, airlines will reverse their current trend and begin increasing the number of flights in the sky. However, they will be adding this capacity back into unprecedented market conditions: totally uncertain passenger demand, less leverage with previously loyal customers, and new passenger fears about air travel. EveryMundo’s products and knowledge can help airlines manage this incredibly uncertain initial period of recovery: The Restart.
How can the community support EveryMundo?
The community has already provided invaluable support:  we are a small business that was initially devastated by COVID-19. With the help of Federal Government Assistant, local advisory support from mentors, guidance from our bank (Iberiabank – fantastic!), accountants, and attorneys, we have made the necessary moves to survive (including receiving a PPP loan). We are now focused on helping kickstart the recovery of one of the global industries most impacted by COVID-19: the airline industry.

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