Jose Llorens

Associate, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Jose Llorens is currently an Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate at Endeavor Miami focused on identifying the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs within a rapidly changing ecosystem.

A creative problem solver with several years of professional experience across the digital landscape. Jose has spent his career managing the intersection of design, marketing, and engineering. He’s analyzed and designed mobile & web app strategies and managed multiple product cycles from inception to launch. Over the years, he’s gained valuable insights leading cross-functional teams, designing & developing products, and successfully executing distribution & marketing strategies. Solving challenging problems that bring value into people’s lives is what truly drives him.

Prior to joining the team at Endeavor, he was the former founder of a venture-backed startup and has also worked for a handful of tech companies throughout his career. Some of his previous work has been featured in publications such as TechCrunch, Digital Trends, AdWeek, and Huffington Post. He is often found exploring new places, kiteboarding, or reading about the future.


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