Aprende Institute

U.S. & Canada
Selected: 2021
Education & Talent
Lifelong & Learning

Aprende is an educational platform for vocational skills in Latin America and the United States’ Hispanic markets, offering a wide array of courses and training.

Martin Claure

Martin Claure is a Bolivian-American entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Aprende Institute, the leading online education platform that empowers US Hispanics to grow economically and professionally. Prior to Aprende, Martin founded and ran MC Capital Advisors, where he oversaw a portfolio of early stage investments, start-up launches and real estate developments. Martin transitioned to a passive role at MC Capital in Sep. 2019 when he joined Aprende Institute as full time CEO. Martin is an Endeavor Entrepreneur, holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University, Cum Laude.