Wonder Brands

Wonder Brands acquires digital brands and leverages its technology to scale their operations and grow sales by taking care of the marketing, analytics, supply chain management and working capital needs of the companies.

U.S. & Canada
Selected: 2022
Enterprise Software & Services
eCommerce & Retail Management

Federico Malek

Federico Malek is the Co-Founder of Wonder Brands. Wonder Brands has the mission to build the largest portfolio of digital brands in Latin America. His previous roles include Managing Director of Groupon Latin America, Co-Founder of avenida.com, which he led as CEO until the acquisition of the company in January 2017, and Co-Founder of iunigo.com, the first digital insurance carrier in Latin America, which he led as CEO until August 2020. He is an active member of the Advisory Board of Salesforce in Argentina, Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2015, and an angel investor of several high-growth start-ups from Latin America.