Gabriella Trigueros

Director of Marketing and Communications

In her role at Endeavor Miami, Gabriella combines her knowledge of communication and her dedication to social impact. With a passion for challenges and a knack for turning ideas into reality, she has consistently demonstrated expertise in communication, storytelling, project management, and fundraising. Her work is characterized by a thoughtful approach to problem-solving and a commitment to supporting community initiatives.

At Global Progress Consulting, she focused on communication strategies to support civil society, addressing misinformation and human rights issues. As the founder of Dare to Lead, LLC., Gabriella developed strategies for diverse clients, emphasizing understanding and engaging Hispanic and Latin American audiences.

Gabriella has also contributed her skills to political campaigns and initiatives in El Salvador, including serving as Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff for John Wright, MP, and multiple positions in the political sphere. Her involvement in these roles centered around public policy, campaign management, and grassroots organization.

Educationally grounded in International Relations and Law, and with further training in strategic communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership, Gabriella brings a balanced perspective to her work. Fluent in Spanish and English, she is well-equipped to navigate and contribute to the diverse and dynamic environment at Endeavor Miami.