Sara Lila Cordero

Manager, Business Development and Programs

She is a professor and speaker at different universities across Central America. Sara Lila earned a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Selected by the US Embassy in Nicaragua, for the WEAmericas (Women Entrepreneur of the Americas) award in 2014. She organizes Startup Weekends, F*ck Up Nights among other disruptive events and incubator programs for emerging entrepreneurs.

Sara Lila strongly believes in the power of business, as a force for good and as a generator of positive changes in the economy, society and even politics. 

Sara Lila Cordero recently moved to Miami as a Senior Associate Business Development for Endeavor Miami. Previous to this jump, Sara Lila founded La Fabrica Coworking, a shared office space and programs for entrepreneurs in Managua, Nicaragua. Through 6 years, her team worked on supporting more than 8,000 entrepreneurs through different incubation programs, workshops and bootcamps. Sara has also been a judge and trainer for pitch competitions to at least 180 entrepreneurs. She was named one of the most Challenging Women in Central America by Estrategia y Negocios Magazine.