Endeavor is the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs with a network spanning over 30 countries and supporting over 2,000 entrepreneurs. Each founder within our network is committed to dreaming big, scaling up, and paying it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Within the Endeavor global network there is a group of top founders leading the fastest growing companies. We recognize them as the Endeavor Outliers!

The Outliers program’s primary function is to bring together these top founders, help them continue to scale their companies and grow their leadership abilities, in order to continue multiplying their impact. This also includes those that have meaningfully exited their companies and now serve as role models and mentors to the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are four ways for Endeavor founders to qualify to be an Endeavor Outlier, depending on the stage of their business. The goal being to allow Endeavor Entrepreneurs to qualify for the program across several stage over time. The four qualifications are as follows:

  • Scaling Up: EE’s Leading our fastest growing scale-up companies. Making over $20M in annual revenue and a +75% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) OR raising $20M in a recent equity round, 75%+ CAGR, and 10M+ in revenue.
  • Scaled-up & Still Growing: EE’s who have build large companies that are still growing. Making over $100M in annual revenue and 25%+ CAGR OR $100M in total equity fundraising, 25%+ CAGR, and 50M+ in annual revenue.
  • Exited & Serving as Role Models: EEs who are serving as role models to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Includes EEs who sold their companies for $100M+ or IPO’ed in the last 3 years and EEs who built Unicorn ($1B+ valuation) companies in the last 3 years.
  • Paying it Forward: Success EEs with previous $100M+ exits, IPOs, or Unicorn companies now serving as Endeavor board members, mentors, ISP panelists, or Endeavor Catalyst investors.

For its latest cohort, Endeavor Outliers 2021 selected 171 founders from over 30 markets across eight industry verticals: Agriculture, Retail & Consumer Tech, Education & Talent, Enterprise Software & Services, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Smart City. Endeavor Miami entrepreneurs Emiliano Abramzon, Founder of Nearpod, as well as Steven Galanis and Devon Townsend, Co-founders of Cameo, are among these top global founders.

The full year program fosters growth between founders and their companies through leadership coaching and connecting leaders of similar-stage companies that share their experiences overcoming related challenges. Founders also have the opportunity to connect with Endeavor’s top mentors and consultants at four main events: CEO Circles, Outlier Retreat, Scale Up Series, and BrainTrust Panel. These events hone in on the advanced leadership and scaling skills required to keep growing these high-impact companies. To learn more about Endeavor Outliers Program and Selection criteria, visit endeavoroutliers.org.