MIAMI, USA (Sep 24, 2021) – Endeavor Miami is pleased to announce that Securitize founders, Carlos Domingo and Jamie Finn, were selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Endeavor’s 19th Virtual International Selection Panel (“ISP”).  Securitize joins Endeavor Miami’s growing portfolio of high-impact entrepreneurs, which now includes 31 Florida based companies. Endeavor Miami is a strong proponent of the work Securitize is doing to digitize the private capital markets.

“At Endeavor, we recognize the value of high impact entrepreneurs and are proud to work alongside tech innovators like Carlos and Jamie,” said Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami. “We are excited to support Securitize as they continue to pave the path to provide access for investors to invest in private market digital asset securities. I believe they will become an inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs.”

Founded in 2017, Securitize’s goal is to democratize access to the private capital markets, including for businesses to raise capital, as well as for investors to trade digital shares in private businesses, real estate, funds, and other alternative assets. This cannot come a moment too soon. Most of a business’ value is created when it is private, and with businesses remaining private longer, being able to participate in that value creation is advantageous for investors. It’s also advantageous for businesses, which can now raise capital more broadly, including from their own customers.

“We saw something broken in the private capital markets, and that  presented Jamie and I with a ripe opportunity to disrupt. With the partnership of an incredible group of investors, team-members, and advisors, in four short years we have built Securitize into a leading digital asset securities firm with a global footprint, 200+ clients and nearly 400,000 investors,” said Domingo. “As a long time follower of Endeavor and personal friend of many members of its network, it is an honor to be recognized and to join the talented group of entrepreneurs and leaders that represent Endeavor. And I am particularly excited to be part of the booming Miami chapter and tech ecosystem.”

Securitize’s view is that traditional financial services remain stubbornly inefficient, insecure, reliant on manual processes and extended clearing periods; they are paper-based, require wet signatures, Excel spreadsheets, have high service fees, and unfair access to wealth creation. By verifying investors and issuing shares digitally, and recording share ownership and history on blockchain, Securitize’s goal is to reduce barriers to access private markets.

While many are innovating at the intersection of blockchain and finance, Carlos and Jamie were early to realize how building their business within the existing U.S. regulatory framework was critical to increased and enduring adoption.

“This year has been a tipping point for demonstrating the impact blockchain will have on finance. Major financial institutions, investors and companies are adopting blockchain, and what we do at Securitize, with increasing speed,” said Finn. “This year is also a tipping point for us: our $48 million Series B co-led by Morgan Stanley and Blockchain Capital, the launch of Securitize Capital and its two inaugural yield-bearing funds, and the upcoming announcement of Securitize Markets, or now this tremendous honor by Endeavor. Carlos and I are very proud to be accepted by this community of business leaders and look forward to the collaboration ahead.”

Endeavor’s ISP is the culmination of a rigorous, multi-step selection process where panels composed of top-tier global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, interview candidates about their business traction, leadership potential, and timing to further scale. In order for an entrepreneur to be selected, they must receive a unanimous vote from the entire panel. Each panel consists of world-class business leaders, who interviewed Securitize, giving targeted and thorough feedback as well as specific and actionable advice.

Endeavor Miami launched in September 2013 with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation as the first U.S. affiliate of Endeavor Global. Endeavor Miami’s entrepreneurs generated close to $340M in revenues and over 3,000 jobs in South Florida in 2020. With the addition of its newest companies, the affiliate currently supports 31 companies and 50 entrepreneurs.

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About Securitize

Securitize’s mission is to provide investors with access to invest in and trade alternative investments, and for companies to raise capital and offer shareholder’s liquidity. Securitize has pioneered a fully digital end-to-end platform for issuing, managing and trading digital asset securities, with over 200 businesses and nearly 400,000 investors already connected, and nearly $500 million in current-value digital asset securities issued on the Securitize platform. Securitize is comprised of Securitize, Inc. and its subsidiaries Securitize, LLC (a registered transfer agent), Securitize Capital, LLC, and Securitize Markets, LLC (a registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC, and operator of the company’s alternative trading system, Securitize Markets). Learn more at

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