At the Endeavor Córdoba 2021 Experience, Federico Ciappina and Leandro Ciappina , co-founders of Mardel Valley, hosted a workshop where they shared the tools and platforms they utilize so that anyone with a business idea or an ongoing project can apply them as well.

Tools for Organizing Tasks

Trello and Asana: These platforms allow users to create task boards to visualize tasks and work collaboratively, dividing boards into projects and by teams. Additionally, they allow users to modify the status of individual tasks and leave comments so that all collaborators are on the same page.

Slack and Discord: These two applications are good alternatives to WhatsApp. Each application allows users to create channels for specific uses, each channel has internal chats and video call options. A midpoint between a phone call and email.

MURAL: Offers an online whiteboard to work collaboratively on online projects. It is useful for working on creative processes and visual maps.

Evernote: A note taking app that allows users to capture concepts, ideas, and other content that comes to mind in an organized fashion.

Calendly and Google Calendar: Allows users to share their calendar to facilitate scheduling appointments and meetings. Saves time by avoiding the back and forth of trying to schedule meetings.

Google Drive and We Transfer: Cloud services that allow users to send and receive files seamlessly.

Research Tools

Owler: Allows users to keep track of various companies and direct competitors.

Hunter: Displays the list of emails of people who work in a company to be able to contact them. To achieve this, identify the domains that are associated with that company. This tool is great for attaining contact information for potential partnerships.

Google Trends: Shows the most popular search results from Google users sorted by various topics and times.

Built With: Shows how a website is built and the integrations it has available.

Crunchbase: Allows users to see economic information on companies, analyze companies that have raised capital and from whom.

Typeform: Useful tool to build surveys and attain new customer information.

Glassdoor: Allows users to view how companies are positioned in the market through employee reviews, salary ranges, and news related to the company. Useful for analyzing competitors and attracting talent.

Tools to Create

Tailor Brands, Looka and Free Logo: Create and edit logos for companies without a need for graphic designers. A good starting point to get a feel for what you would like your logo to look like.

Canva: Useful tool to make invitations, brochures, posts for social networks, business proposals and presentations without the need to hire an expert. The page offers the option of uploading images, working on default templates, editing backgrounds, choosing from a wide palette of colors, and other design elements.

Workana, Fiverr, and Upwork: These platforms connect freelancers with companies to work by the hour on specific projects and hire talent from anywhere in the world.

Freepik and Unsplash: Free High-quality image banks with thousands of options to choose from.

RemoveBg: Allows you to remove backgrounds and turn any image into PNG Format.

Tiny Png: Compresses images.

Tools to Build

GoDaddy or Goweb: Allow users to register domains and host websites.

Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace: Widely used platforms to build websites. WordPress can allow for deeper customization but is more technical to work with. Wix and SquareSpace offer several “drag and drop” solutions however customization is often limited without code injection.

Adobe XD and Bubble: Useful tools for creating application mockups.

Tools to Promote

Mailchimp: Email marketing platform that allows users to build databases of community members, optimize times to send out content, and provide analytics on open rates. Can also be used to create landing pages for events.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads: Can expand the reach of content to audiences beyond a company’s typical user base.

Measurement Tools 

Google Analytics: Offers various metrics relating to user behavior on a website such as the number of clicks, average time spent on a page, and where web traffic is coming from.

Hotjar: Allows users to analyze how customers are engaging with a web page through metrics and heat maps. Useful for adjusting page design and understanding which elements are most important to your clients.

Bitly Sniply: Useful for shortening and personalizing web links.

Clockify: Tracks time dedicated to completing tasks and projects.

Page Speed Insights: A Google tool that analyzes the loading time of web pages and provides suggestions for improving it.

Were you interested in this content? You can see the full workshop here. (English Subtitles Available)

This article is a translation of “Kit de herramientas digitales para emprendedores” by Endeavor Argentina. Translation by Endeavor Staff member Eric Marroquin with additional support from Laura Ginebra.