When Earth Day rolls around we all repeatedly hear “Every day should be Earth Day.” EcoSystems, one of our Endeavor Entrepreneurs, started as a water conservation company and has since developed into an all-encompassing water and energy conservation company leading the charge on sustainability efforts across the United States. With South Florida at the forefront of the impacts of climate change, we are proud to be supporting ten more companies through our growth programs, EndeavorLAB and ScaleUp Program, that are creating sustainable solutions. These companies take the words “Every day should be Earth Day,” to heart and execute on that phrase 365 days a year.

The “Amazon” for agribusiness. Agrizon is a specialized cross border e-commerce that connects and delivers worldwide brands of agricultural inputs with farmers and companies.

Algas Organics
Algas Organics is an agtech start up, using Caribbean seaweeds to make farming more climate resilient and profitable.

Carbon Limit
Carbon Limit is a Climate Tech company that is utilizing carbon capture and storage technologies to revolutionize the concrete industry and beyond by reducing Global CO2 pollution through profitable solutions.

Cycle Technology
Cycle Technology, Inc is a recycling data and technology company that focuses on rewarding people for recycling. Cycle’s mobile application pairs with reverse vending machines to offer the most advanced and engaging recycling experience.

EcoRenew Solutions
EcoRenew Solutions transforms garbage to gold by recycling waste and turning materials into usable goods such as clothes and bricks.

EcoSystems is a full-service, all-encompassing water and energy conservation company. To date, they have saved 4.3B gallons of water, 155K kWh of energy, and put $42.7 Million back in the pockets of owners. An Endeavor Entrepreneur company since 2018.

HOPE Hydration
HOPE designs, manufacturers, installs and maintains a network of free hydration stations (tech-enabled water fountains) that allow you to refill your favorite beverages on-the-go. Hydration stations are monetized through brand partnerships, media sales and smart-city technology integration.

Imagine Farms
Imagine Farms is an Indoor, Vertical, Hydroponic Farm growing a wide variety of leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and petite root vegetables on a compact footprint in Little Haiti, Miami.

Lean Orb
Compostable foodservice packaging powered by data and corporate education.

OBE Power
OBE Power is building the smart EV charging ecosystem at convenient locations where drivers live, work, play and learn.

Own Power
The marketplace for energy businesses.

Based in South Florida, Sprightful has helped thousands of people make the switch or plan to make the switch to green energy.

The Addition Company
The Addition Company is addressing the rising sea-level challenge by 3D Printing living seawalls that function as coral reefs. The seawalls host biodiversity, improve the quality of water and have embedded sensors that track live water equality data.