The Endeavor Miami team recently had a conversation with Juan Betancourt, the CEO of Humantelligence, an Endeavor ScaleUp alumnus, about the company, its impact and what the future looks like. Learn more in this spotlight.

What is Humantelligence?
Humantelligence is an award-winning HR tech plug-in that improves existing collaboration platforms for the modern digital workplace. Our solution improves human connection and team performance through Smarter Collaboration®.  We are like Grammarly, but instead of tips for writing we surface tips for communication and team collaboration through your everyday collaboration tools, like MSFT Teams, Outlook email, calendar, Slack, Webex, and zoom.

What is your mission?
To unleash humanity in the workplace, leveraging technology to make work more human, and to democratize self-awareness and infuse emotional intelligence (EQ) at work. Making it more fun, and getting people more engaged where they spend 70% of their waking hours.

Why did you start Humantelligence?
As Covid pushed people and companies to a more distributed work environment – 74% of companies are now remote, hybrid, or distributed in some fashion – we saw the opportunity to leverage technology to help us understand each other and bring back human connection to the workplace. I’ve worked all over the world for companies like Puma, Reebok, Procter & Gamble, Decathlon, Siebel Systems, Heidrick & Struggles, and Korn/Ferry International and have always noticed that working across offices, across borders, and across cultures was difficult. Covid’s impact on the modern workplace made that challenge even more compelling to solve. I’ve always wanted to develop something that could help society at the corporate level (better team performance), at the employee level (more engagement), and at the human level (happier people, more self-awareness).

How does your product/service differentiate itself from others in the market?
Three ways we are different than anything in the market: 

  1. No other scientifically proven personality test can measure what we measure in just 10 minutes – it takes anyone else 1 hour+ to measure Behaviors, Motivators, and Work Styles of people. 
  2. Surfacing through workflows of existing collaboration tools (MSFT Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Slack, etc.) – no one can do that today and it is unlikely in the future given their distribution models and pricing.
  3. Scalability – no one can get a workforce of 10,000 people up and running in 24 hours – it would take centuries for any other tool to be used by that many people leveraging personality and work insights.

What impact are you making on the world today? Are there any metrics you’d like to share?
We have over 600,000 users and 30,000 teams leveraging our tool as a healthy team tool kit, and enabling agile teams and agile organizations. Clients include Coca Cola SWB (10,000 emp), Accenture (700,000 employees), BASF, AFLAC, FEMSA, Arca Continental, Cemex, Honda, and local Florida companies Baptist Health, and Chen Med. To note, the Accenture deal – once implemented over next 24 months – will be one of the largest user implementations of software in the past 3 years for any one company!

What is next for the company?
Incorporating Generative AI (ChatGPT) into the product. When writing emails, instead of providing tips, people will just click our button and one’s email gets re-written for the person/audience it is intended for, based on how that person likes to read, and consume information. Absolute personalization of collaboration tools, all being driven through Humantelligence.

These responses have been edited for grammar.