In this Mentor Spotlight get to know our Endeavor Mentor Nick Molina, Founding Partner of Endangered Investments.

Why did you decide to join the Endeavor Network?

Endeavor allows me to help other entrepreneurs realize their business dreams, which in turn creates a better world for us all. Being part of an organization that can help curate the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk is very enticing and rewarding. I also look forward to connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs to share experiences and ideas. 

Tell us about your background and why you decided to become a mentor.

I was raised in Miami by my Cuban immigrant parents. I attended public schools, completed high school in two years, and then graduated from the University of Miami. I started my first business called Let’s Talk Cellular, my sophomore year with my friend and classmate. We grew that business to 289 stores, taking it public and then selling it to Nextel/Sprint. Since then I have had 5 additional startups and exits across various verticals.

As a young entrepreneur, I was mentored by several individuals that taught me how to navigate the unpredictable and sometimes treacherous waters of starting a business. Without their assistance, I don’t know exactly how things would have turned out, but I am confident that the value they added made a positive impact. I want to now pay that forward and help other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and visions.

What are the most important qualities and characteristics that mentors should have?

Good entrepreneurs are passionate people. I think a good mentor needs to have passion for the field they are mentoring in. They also need to be patient and compassionate and hopefully be able to teach those qualities to those they mentor.

Any general advice for entrepreneurs?

I have lots of advice for entrepreneurs, too much to summarize in a short answer. One bit that I can share here is that you cannot do it on your own – and that is OK. You need a team around you that shares your vision and can help you execute.  

What are you reading?

I’m actively reading two books right now: Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell and The Founders by Jimmy Soni.

These responses have been edited for grammar.