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Abi Mandelbaum



Adolfo Babatz



Brian Brackeen

General Partner

Lightship Capital

Eduardo della Maggiora



Emiliano Abramzon



Endri Tolka



Jackie Baumgarten



Johanna Mikkola

Co-Founder & CEO

Wyncode Academy

Maurice Ferre

CEO & Chairman


Mauro Schnaiman


Quantum Leap

Patricia Wexler

Managing Director

Avila VC

Seth Cassel



Past ScaleUp Participants

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Jasper Nelissen,
COO - Overproof

"No matter where companies are on the growth journey, there is value to be found in each module. We thought we already knew how to deliver our story, but we are now walking away with a more fine-tuned value proposition that resonates with the promise to our customers."

Valerie Lopez,
Co-Founder & CEO - Angle

"The XRAY was brilliant, and together the mentorship sessions helped clarify our vision. Getting to know the other entrepreneurs in the cohort was the magical touch of the whole experience - you don't understand the value of community and being surrounded by other founders until you are with them"

Marcos Franceschini,
Co-Founder & CEO - Skyloom

"What makes ScaleUP different from other accelerators and even VCs is that Endeavor brings people who the founders can relte to. It's incredible to lear the successes, learnings and mistakes from entreprenuers who are just a few years ahead of our own journey."

Sharon Holm,

"Can't stress enough how much value a good mentor adds. Our mentor helped us take a step back and strategize. Now, we know what to build, what to hire for, what to work towards. We have progressed so much in terms of vision and processes, and has given us a lot more confidence as founders."

Rodrigo Bernardinelli,
CEO - Digibee

"The structure of the program is incredible - it was a big time commitment, but it paid off. What makes the program special is the Endeavor staff. We were super impressed with the degree of planning and organization that went into it - totally different from other programs we were a part of."

Marc Billings,
Founder & CEO - Blackdove

"The program was incredible successful. It puts an entrepreneur in the right mindset, surrounding them with super smart subject experts. It upped my game and I'm significantly more conscious and organized post this program, more so than I expected."