Anna Papalexopoulou

Associate, Growth Programs

Anna Papalexopoulou is a Senior Associate for Endeavor Miami’s Growth Programs team. 

Prior to joining Endeavor, Anna worked at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she drafted a strategy to connect the Greek startup ecosystem with foreign investors as part of the National Strategy for Trade and Investment Promotion.

Previously, she held positions at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where she worked on a growth project in the telecommunications industry and the Metavallon Venture Capital Fund, where she focused on sourcing and diligencing seed-stage tech startups. Moreover, her personal passion lies at the intersection of business and social impact, which led her to take on a leadership role in the impact investing startup, Impending Bloom.

Anna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Psychology from Tufts University. During her studies, Anna specialized in Economic Development, which fueled her interest in how innovation and entrepreneurship can effect positive change in emerging markets.