Miami and South Florida are having a moment. We’ve seen an influx of founders, business leaders, and investors to the region. Endeavor connected with several of our city’s leaders on what this means for our ecosystem. Through this series you’ll hear from founders, investors, and ecosystem builders on what their hopes and dreams are for Miami Tech + Innovation in 2021.

Our third interview – Seth Cassel, Co-founder and President of EveryMundo and trusted Endeavor Entrepreneur, mentor and friend.

Fast forward to December 2021. Where do you hope Miami Tech/Innovation is then? 

December 2021 isn’t very far away. I hope the hype has settled down and the community has achieved some sort of sustainable improvement from it. In such a short time, it’s hard to expect much, but at least a more cohesive community with more peer-to-peer activity and support.

What are the biggest challenges entrepreneurs have to overcome when seeing to scale in South Florida? 

Accelerating growth while staying disciplined and focused; ensuring availability of capital to reach one’s ambitions; receiving the advisory support to achieve one’s goals while making as few mistakes as possible. I don’t think the challenges are unique to South Florida companies – I would expect the same challenges in any city apart from the handful of major global entrepreneurial hubs.

What can organizations, investors, mentors, and others do to ensure we have a healthy and robust entrepreneurial ecosystem? 

Stay connected, share ideas and best practices, spend more time working on each other’s businesses and less time trying to “network”, be transparent and honest, have each others’ backs.

What is your favorite part about Miami? 

Getting off a plane, taking a deep breath of humid air through my nose, and feeling like I’m home.