Miami and South Florida are having a moment. We’ve seen an influx of founders, business leaders, and investors to the region. Endeavor connected with several of our city’s leaders on what this means for our ecosystem. Through this series you’ll hear from founders, investors, and ecosystem builders on what their hopes and dreams are for Miami Tech + Innovation in 2021.

Our second interview – Felecia Hatcher-Pearson, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Center For Black Innovation and trusted Endeavor mentor and friend.


Fast forward to December 2021. Where do you hope Miami Tech is then? 

I hope that Miami plays to its strengths, and that there is more support for our community that truly aligns with our values.

What are the main challenges minority entrepreneurs face in Miami and what are active steps entrepreneurial organizations can take to address them? 

Funding, funding funding. We can not skip around that. Then real access to it. We need to be more intentional about opening up our circles, and the behind the scenes way the business is really done here. Make real introductions

How can we make sure Miami Tech doesn’t fall under the same traps as Silicon Valley, particularly when it comes to diversity and inclusion? 

We can start by being real about Miami’s diversity problem. We have a massive one. We need better policy on a local and state level that creates greater opportunities to invest funding and resources. We have to value culture as an asset and we have to make our spaces inviting,  diversify investments and better outreach so that we better align resources to our ecosystem.

What is your favorite part about Miami? 

I love that it’s relatively easy to start a business here, and I love the Caribbean food scene.