As Miami continues to grow as an entrepreneurial hotspot, we feel it’s important to recognize the factors that make Miami such a unique magnet for growth. In 2020, a report by Endeavor Insight and the Knight Foundation identified Miami as a top-performing city with a local concentration of BEST businesses being 2.9 times greater than what is found in the rest of the United States. 

Outside of business, Miami is a thriving cultural hub that welcomes all with open arms. The city offers beautiful beaches, parks, and museums; and its tropical weather lets everyone take advantage of these benefits year-round.  

We connected with several Endeavor Entrepreneurs, mentors and program participants to get their opinion on “Why Miami?”. 

Our second interview is with trusted Endeavor Entrepreneur Jorge Ruiz, Founder and CEO at FinConecta.


First things first, what’s your favorite thing about Miami? Quality of life, which is a combination of people, places, weather. For me, having the ability to be outdoors most of the year, enjoy an active life and meeting with people from different parts of the world to learn from them.

What unique advantages does Miami have for businesses? Taxes for sure 🙂. I have been in Miami for 16 years and what I found extremely unique about it is that people and business here are generally global, or at least cover LATAM, very few people have businesses that are only targeted for the local market. This pushes individuals to always think big, beyond local!

What challenges do you believe Miami still has to overcome? Even though we have dramatically improved, we still need a larger investor community, as well as high paying jobs to attract talent.

Why do you think companies are moving to Miami? There are three things: taxes; quality of life & people; and change to something unique.

Mentorship is a cornerstone of what we do at Endeavor. What role has mentorship played in your life? I believe in leveraging expertise, supporting each other and the power of the community – those are the foundations of successful businesses.