Get to know our Endeavor Mentor Marcio Kaufman, Board Member at Vivara, in this mentor spotlight.

Why did you decide to join the Endeavor Network?

Thinking about my story and everything I have done, I realized I could help other entrepreneurs face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Tell us about your background and why you decided to become a mentor.

I come from a family business. In 2004 I started working in the jewelry retail business my grandfather founded. In 2010 I became its CEO, and in 2019 our company went public, being the first jewelry retail business to ever IPO in Brazil. During my tenure, we turned Vivara into the largest chain of jewelry stores in the country, with more than 290 stores. Today I am the only family member sitting on the board.

What are the most important qualities and characteristics that mentors should have?

Be a good listener, empathic, and energetic. Also, ask the right questions.

Any general advice for entrepreneurs?

Believe in a better future with both your feet on the ground.

What are you reading?

Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb

These responses have only been edited for grammar.