This Black History Month, we are lending our platform to our Black founders. Today we hear from Chrissybil Boulin, founder of Vero Learning and participant in our 2022 EndeavorLAB Cohort for Black Founders. Below is her spotlight.

Hi everyone. My name is Chrissybil Boulin and I’m the owner of two businesses. I started Jumpstart Tutoring Center in late 2018 with $500, no co-founder or any prior business experience. I was equipped with my passion to make individualized learning more affordable, accessible and effective for students in grades K-12. Today, we are featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. We have helped over 4000 students with test prep, tutoring and homeschooling, and I’m so proud to say our program has helped families save millions of dollars off of college tuition cost. I am eternally grateful to Endeavor because my new business venture, Vero Learning, they were extremely instrumental in helping me decide exactly how were going to go to market and what type of product we wanted to start with for our launch. We’re currently in the customer discovery phase, speaking with HR leads and hiring managers from companies like Visa, Office Depot and Dell.

Our goal is to create a talent optimization platform that’s free for young adults, allowing them to build the transferable skills they need to land entry-level positions for corporations that don’t require a college degree. The coolest thing about being an entrepreneur is seeing your dreams manifest into reality and the ripple effect it has, providing positive opportunities and impact for those around you. In our case, I’ve been able to see thousands of students achieve their academic goals and hire 100+ part-time tutors, helping them figure out their passion in life. Many of them have decided to become teachers after working for us. My greatest advice for minority entrepreneurs out there: create a path. Carve your own way where there is no way. Do not be afraid to knock on doors when you’re not getting invites. Go on LinkedIn. Attend networking events. Be a part of programs like EndeavorLAB.

Get mentorship, connect with other business owners because no one does it alone, and continue to have the tenacity and courage to go after your dreams