This Women’s History Month, we are lending our platform to our women founders. Today we hear from Diana Arango, co-founder of Chefpost and participant in our 2022 EndeavorLAB Cohort for Women Founders. Below is her spotlight.

Hi, I’m Diana. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Chefpost. Chefpost is a marketplace to book personal chefs on demand. We are on a mission to make people’s lives easier and better. We created Chefpost to solve the problem that we all have: there is no time to cook. We are all busy trying to balance work and life responsibilities. We want to nurture ourselves with healthy, real, homemade food, but we don’t have time to cook. Chefpost is that solution where you can book a personal chef to cook for you in the comfort of your home. The meals that you want, the meals for the week, for the day, or on special occasions, it’s your one-stop platform for every cooking need. 

My advice to all the founders and entrepreneurs, especially all the women founders, is that you can do this. Believing in yourself can be very hard to manage. Maybe you have family or other types of responsibilities, but as women, we are equipped with so many skills that makes us amazing founders. I think that you are the best person for this.

So believe in yourself. Trust that whatever you are building is the best solution out there. Because that drive and that passion is going to help you overcome many challenges. Be focused. Know what you are building. Be open to learning. 

The other two pieces of advice that I want to give is to be a hands-on leader. At the very beginning, I believe it’s very important to know how to operate the business. The ins and outs, finance, operations, marketing, technology. Understanding those aspects of your business will help you delegate to the right person and know what to delegate. So, even though we are all CEOs and that sounds very elegant and everything, it’s important that you’re also very hands-on. And, of course, delegate because to grow, you need to delegate. Understanding that is going to help you better delegate in the areas where you need help. 

You can do this. I wish you the best of luck.