This Women’s History Month, we are lending our platform to our women founders. Today we hear from Ximena Paul, co-founder of Nala and participant in our 2022 EndeavorLAB Cohort for Women Founders. Below is her spotlight. 

Hi, everyone. I’m Ximena, originally from Chile, moved to Miami seven years ago, proud mama of three very energetic kids, and as of last year, co-founder and also full-time CEO at Nala. Nala is a SaaS platform that maximizes top talent retention in a simple and agile way. We’re currently working with clients all over LATAM and expanding right now in the US. 

After ten years of leading teams within LATAM companies and spending the last five years as the CEO of a US-based company, I trusted myself [to start a company]. I’ve learned that I had everything that was required to make something grow, to create, to take risks, to lead. I was not getting anything else besides my salary. So I said, “You know what? I trust myself, and I can do this.” If I’m going to be a workaholic because I’m very intense about my work, it better be about something that I’m passionate about and is mine.

I read this statement from Mike Tyson, he said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched and they’re on the floor.” I would say that feels pretty much like being a founder. The difference is that we know how to get up. If you’re a founder, you know what I mean, we’re all constantly getting punched in the face. We have that resilience and strength just to keep on going. It’s not very different from anyone who comes from a minority background in different aspects of life. 

To everybody that’s a founder right now: there’s a lot support and help, so make use of that. Trust yourself. You have done a lot of things, and you’re already doing something amazing. Don’t forget, you’re inspiring new generations and creating a precedent for everybody around you. You’re not even aware of the impact you’re already creating. Best of luck.