What do we look for?


You are an ambitious entrepreneur who aspires to take your business to the next level and understands the power of community in the success of an entrepreneur’s journey.


Endeavor looks for entrepreneurs building businesses with unique, scalable, innovative, and potentially disruptive business models. We select companies with a strong value proposition that have the potential to be category leaders globally.


The founder and the company are based in South Florida, contributing to the growth of our local economy.


For EndeavorLAB, Endeavor selects companies that are in the early stages of commercialization and that are generating revenue from non-pilot paying customers. An ideal candidate has a product that is live and operational. Lastly, even if the company has not yet cemented its Product Market Fit, founders are actively working towards it.

Endeavor does not work with consulting firms, marketing agencies, event planning agencies, financial firms and other service-based companies.

Participate at NO COST

A scholarship will be provided by the cohort sponsor on behalf of each founder to cover participation costs.


Endeavor is the leading global community of, by, and for high-impact entrepreneurs. We inspire the world’s fastest growing entrepreneurs to dream bigger, scale faster and pay it forward.
A scholarship will be provided by the cohort sponsor on behalf of each founder to cover participation costs.
Most of EndeavorLAB will take place virtually, except the Launch Event, Cohort Retreat, Module 3 and the Closing Event which will take place in person in the Miami area.
EndeavorLAB participants meet every Thursday from 10am to 1pm. In addition, you will meet with your mentor for one hour up to three times.
You will be paired with one mentor to work through your business challenge. Changes can be made based on fit and availability. Founders will also be mentored in a group setting every week by a different mentor.
The entrepreneur must be a founder, the company must be based in Florida, the company must have product-market fit and be generating between $50K and $500K in annual revenues. All industries are welcome to apply as long as the solution is not service-based.

There may be additional selection criteria for each cohort. Please refer to the cohort section for more information.
Companies will be screened using the same criteria as how Endeavor Entrepreneurs are evaluated: (1) Entrepreneur, (2) Business, and (3) Timing. We look for entrepreneurs who dream big, scale up and pay it forward.
You will receive an automated reply upon submitting the form on your application. The team will reach out to you in case you qualify for an interview. You will also hear from the team in case your application has been rejected.
The deadlines are listed in the previous section. You are welcome to apply at any point before those dates.
Please email [email protected].