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Carolyn Groobey

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ABC Financial Services

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Patricia Wexler

Managing Director

Avila VC

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Richard MacDonald

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500 Global

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Secocha Ventures

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Hear from Them

Olivia Ramos,
Founder & CEO - Deepblocks

"I made very interesting connections that I will take outside of the program, which is a testament of the success of EndeavorLAB - you bring people together and your impact echoes past the end of the program. I can’t express enough gratitude for the impact the program has had on our work.”

Evan Leaphart,
Founder & CEO - Kiddie Kredit

“The smaller group of individuals works well for camaraderie in comparison to some of the other programs I’ve participated in.”

Daniela Sichel,
CEO - Opcion Yo

“The best experience at the best time for our company!! Thank you for everything. Grateful for this opportunity.”

Maria Martinez,
CEO - Aerosens

“I’ve participated in programs similar to EndeavorLAB. Despite it being online, it was really well done and executed!”

Gleb Teper,
Co-Founder - BandPay

“Endeavor helps you bring clarity to your growth challenges, create a road map to achieve your goals and put you on a path of progress.”

Forty Amsel,
CEO - BeYou Cosmetics

“I liked everything about the Endeavor LAB program. The activities, the speakers, the mentors, the office hours, the support and kindness of the Endeavor Miami team, the cohort, now our new friends. I now know I’m not alone as a founder. It is a 10 out of 10!”

Jorge Richardson,
Founder & CEO - HOPE Hydration

“The connections you make, especially in a digital environment. Especially after the pandemic, it was great being together. The community being built. Also, the cadence of the program was great.”

Anya Freeman,
Co-Founder & CEO - The Addition Co.

“Being part of the Endeavor community was great as people reached out to me because of it. Endeavor also made some introductions that were huge for us and opened so many doors. The structure of the program was incredible too. The team provided great feedback and ideas on our deck - these 1-1s were huge."

Johanan Dujon,
CEO - Algas Organics

“Value is how you get to short and medium term goals. The most important session was the closing event. The retreat was too, great opportunity to expand our network. The session with Jorge Prado was really good."